Poet, Farmer & Educator


Scott Chaskey

Farmer, poet, and pioneer of the community farming movement, Scott Chaskey is the kind of progressive thinker that doesn't come around often. Weaving together his passion for farming and prose, Scott has penned multiple books on the community farming movement, creating a road-map for Americans who want to live off the land as a community." 

- from "Here’s the Thing," host Alec Baldwin.


He has appeared as a public speaker, for readings and keynote addresses at such highlight events in the vital ecological movement as:


Selected Recent Appearances

Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Great River, NY, April 2015
Long Island Food Conference , Hofstra Un., NY, April 2015
International Seed Library Forum, Tucson, Arizona, May 2015
Marders Garden Center, Bridgehampton, NY, May 2015
National Heirloom Expo, Santa Rosa, Ca., September 2015
Center for Agroecology, UC Santa Cruz, Ca., September 2015
International CSA Conference, Beijing, China, November 2015
“Our Common Home,” The Great Hall, Cooper Union, NYC, March 2016
Amagansett Food Institute, NY, April 2016


Cooper Union - March 24, 2016 - Institute for Sustainable Design


Scott Chaskey speaking at "OUR COMMON HOME" in celebration of the Pope's encyclical and call to action in the name of Mother Earth

Scott Chaskey speaking at "OUR COMMON HOME" in celebration of the Pope's encyclical and call to action in the name of Mother Earth

On Thursday, March 24, poets, musicians, scientists, architects and educators gathered in The Great Hall for “Our Common Home,” a response to Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si, that argued for mankind's moral responsibility to care for the planet. Hailed by environmentalists, the encyclical added a spiritual dimension to the climate crisis alarm. Hosted by The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design (CUISD) and co-sponsored by Urban Green Council, Natural Resources Defense Council, International Center of Photography, The Poetry Society of America, Continuing Education and Public Programs of The Cooper Union, the free, public event welcomed an audience of over 500 guests and cultivated a positive atmosphere of engaging dialogue, profound photography and creative performance.

After Prof. Turnbull came farmer, poet and speaker Scott Chaskey, fresh from planting peas in Amagansett. He read the St. Francis Blessing and a poem of his own, Cerulean. Mr. Chaskey recently attended a community farming conference in China. “A true ecological approach is a social approach,” he said. Mr. Chaskey is a proponent for small farmers like himself as they grow 70% of the world’s food.